Because “I love you” {my first giveaway}

~ The first Barefoot Five Giveaway~


I’m just a little bit excited…can you tell? :))

 I was nervous about trying to find a shop that would be willing to do a giveaway here. I was afraid Mindy would laugh at me for asking but instead she was so sweet.

  I know (because we have bought several gifts from her for the babies in our lives) the treasures made by Indie Bambino are made and shipped with love and that means a great deal to me and also makes me feel so good about having Mindy here to do my first giveaway!

  Indie Bambino   

“IndieBambino is a web-based natural toy and teething store catering to parents and caregivers in search of eco-friendly, organic, and all natural products for their children and babies. IndieBambino offers a variety of products including personalized baby teethers, all natural wood bowling sets, play silks, and more. The owner and creator of IndieBambino is Mindy Bizzell, a busy mother of three who lives on the rainy WA coast where you can often find her painting, sanding or sewing, any time of the day or night.”

Beautiful treasures that are made with love, will last,  are non-toxic and encourage the imagination…what else could you ask for?

 We will draw 2 names 

Treasures #1

{First person drawn}

Mindy is going to make one of the winners of this giveaway a personalized wooden egg ( they are precious)

Personalized Wooden Easter Egg, Name and DOT DESIGN



Treasures #2

{ Second person drawn}

This gift will be from me to you:)) It’s one of my favorite things from her shop. They hold up so well and are a great keepsake.

Wood Yo-Yo, Waldorf Toy, Personalized with Beeswax Finish CUSTOM

So there it is…my first giveaway. Just leave a comment to enter:)))

Comments will be open until Saturday, March, 3rd

Also, if you “like” my facebook page or Mindys let me know in the comments and I will add your name to the drawing again:))

So, you could be in the hat up to 3times!!

( yes, we are doing this drawing old school style and I’m going to video it:)))

**Facebook pages**

Barefoot Five 

Indie Bambino

Here’s to….Treasures that encourage and help hold onto the Magic of Childhood…

~Barefoot Mama

 “Necessity may be the mother of invention, but play is certainly the father.” ~ Roger von Oech


 Leave a comment here for a chance to win a treasure for the little ones in you life!!

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