“Hold onto what is good…”

Hold onto what is good
Even if it is a handful of earth.
Hold onto what you believe,
Even if it is a tree which stands by itself.
Hold onto what you must do
Even if it is a long way from here
Even when it is easier to let go.
Hold onto my hand
Even when I have gone away from you.
~ Pueblo Verse

I received the beautiful & inspiring Taproot Magazine today. This verse was in there and it  hit straight to my heart for so many reasons. I needed this push today, a push to fight for the things I love and the things I feel strongly about. A push to hold onto what I know to be real, important and necessary for me and my family, even when everyone ( including myself sometimes) and everything around me screams “YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR MIND”, “why do you insist on making things so hard on yourself”, “are you sure this is what you should be doing”( to name a few)


To all of my sweet blogging friends, I pray that you are finding the strength, support and inspiration you need to continue fighting for what you believe in and for what you know you need to do.

~ Barefoot Mama

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