Raw energy

Well, it has certainly been an interesting 10days

Before I write a post about what’s been going on here, I want to come see what you’ve been up to:))

My fast: I have never been much of a journal keeper, I did however keep a short daily journal during my fast. It’s sort of long and you will probably find it really boring but I thought it could be useful to anyone considering doing a juice fast.

My 10 day fast experience

I have RAW energy for the first time in forever. Energy that didn’t come from caffeine, sugar, carbs, excitement or even exercise. Just energy, real energy, raw energy and I’m stoked about that:)))

I learned something about myself over the past 10days.. I really like food..haha! and I eat for SO many reasons besides hunger.

“..allows us to pull up our roots, look them over, release what isn’t growing and plant back what is healthy and strong with fresh goals” ~ Laura  

Blogging note: I MISSED YOU!

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