Under The Setting Moon

 A little Getaway with my love

Checking out the local Ecosystem

The resort was lovely

 beautiful in it’s own way

My man in his Sexy shoes;)

Barefoot in the desert for a VERY short period of time

Early morning hike to the top of Camelback Mountain

Under that hot Arizona Sun

I don’t think I would be going Barefoot if I lived here..haha!

We were dancing to Mama he’s Crazy and someone at our table picked up my camera and took a picture (Thank you!!)

This trip served as a great reminder of how very much I like this man I call my husband  and how much I enjoy his company.

~ Barefoot Mama

My “Magic in a bottle” {Sunrise on Camelback mountain}

Standing in awe at the power & beauty of a sunrise…

In that moment I was overwhelmed with gratitude for having been given another day and praying that I would be able to live that day well and with intention.

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