“…to all that is beautiful and sacred”


The wise woman within us remembers our goodness.
She speaks to us in our dreams,
through the rustling of leaves,
the signing of a stream,
the aroma of herbs and the call of the whippoorwill.
She encourages us to heal our wounds.
She asks us to remember our connection
to all that is beautiful and sacred.
She asks us to remember that we are part of all beauty.

-Deb Soule, Herbalist

I read this beautiful verse on  Moon Woman Rising 

It really made me think about the kind of woman I am, the woman I have been in the past and the woman I would like to evolve into, in the future.

  I think as a woman I have a calling to be deeply connected to the earth and the living things around me, a connection that I have to work toward finding and fight to keep in the midst of these busy days.

I believe there is a deeply powerful, connected, wise women somewhere in me…in all of us!

~ Barefoot Mama


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