“..whose virtues have not yet been discovered”


 “A weed is just a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

After seeing this in the paper, I couldn’t resist the urge to look them up. To my surprise most if not all were edible. Not only edible but GOOD FOR US!!! This peaked my interest ( big time) and since then I have been having a blast learning more about ALL the wild edibles that surround us. I am border line obsessed..haha! It amazes me that these things are so readily available and so good for us and that I had NO IDEA!!!

Then came the huge…. WHAT IF??

What if the things we needed to heal our bodies were growing right under our feet? 

Here are just a few links to the Articles I’ve read on these “aggravating” weeds.




Clover One link that could be useful on Clover

Chickweed, Chickweed, Also, a blog post on Chickweed from The bewitching life

 Edible Wild Plants

“They are trying to help us and we are doing everything we can to kill them”  

Some call it noxious weed. Others see it as powerful medicine.

I don’t know enough about foraging “weeds” to go out and start eating everything in my yard, but I do know enough to know how badly I want to learn more and I know one thing for damn sure…I most certainly do not want to kill them anymore.

(This is from an online plant study I’m participating in..)

Tip 1:

Right now, please think of one reason that
learning about edible wild plants will contribute
to your life.

Take a deep breath and sit with that one intention for a moment. 

                                       I did this and what came to mind is One word… 


I am going to take Susan Weeds advice and take 10 minutes a day for 10 days and just sit with the plants I would like to know about. Sit and listen and see what the plant has to say….

~ Barefoot Mama

Blogging note: I DO NOT know very much about these plants so please do your own research. Also, I welcome any and all articles, links, books suggestions, posts you’ve written about foraging, your experience would be greatly appreciated..PLEASE share!! Love you guys!

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