Misty Morning Walk by Chris Jafarieh


Faith: To have a deep sense of trust in what cannot be seen. Proof or evidence is not needed. Rather it is an inner sense of knowing what guides you. 

I woke up this morning and felt a sense of warmth and comfort that I haven't felt in some time. That peace came from a place of trust. 

I need to have patience.  

It's time to trust the process, wholly, and completely. 

In trusting the process, I see that there is no need to know what is unfolding or why, but to simply be here in the present...to experience it all. 

Recently, circumstances of my life have unfolded in such a way that I have been left with a newfound respect for the divine process of life.

Try as I might, I can no longer remain in what is known- things can no longer go according to my plan and I don't want them to. 

Trusting the process means to know and have faith that there is a divine plan moving through me and my life at any moment.

I'm telling you, even if you aren't ready to hear it, that: 

What is unfolding in your life right now, is developing an unshakeable sense of trust within you. 

There is a reason that this is happening, circumstances are rearranging for our higher good. 

Much love to everyone that has poured their hearts, energy, magic, love into my life. 

-Chris Jafarieh
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