She is woman by Chris Jafarieh

Life is a wild, dynamic state of ever-expanding conscious and absolute perfection is an illusion.

With this in mind, I invite you to take this as an honoring to all of the wild women out there who are fearless, and living in truth. 

I have been extremely privileged to come across many conscious women.

These are the traits that I have found beautiful and inspiring in women, 
women who daily choose to take the road less traveled. 

She is woman...
She has a deep love and concern for our Mother Earth. 
She is aware of what's really going on, and does not turn away from problems we are all facing.
She is genuinely focused on being part of the solution. 
She is filled with compassion. 
She is attentive and understanding of the growth process. 
She embraces and creates beauty. 
She is strong, focused on her well-being and concerned more with her health than just her physical body. 
She loves other women and supports and honors her sisters. 
She has transcended the hurt she has received in this life and has opened herself up to being loved. 
She loves men and honors the gifts they offer. 
She choses daily to surrender fear of the unknown.

I am relaxed and trusting when I am around these women who know that personal-growth takes time and is a never-ending process. Women who live with integrity and who are emotionally mature.

I can’t help but soften around women who seem to actively embrace beauty, including their own. I am moved when I see women connecting, loving and appreciating each other.  When I’m with a woman who has genuine love for me, as a man, I feel deep respect for what this takes; I know that these conscious women have done the work necessary to transcend the hurt they may have received at the hands of men.

I am inspired by women who are willing to embrace the unknown, dig deep and adventure around the world in an attempt to awaken new levels of consciousness within themselves. I am changed and healed by women who lend themselves to the work of our earth mother and are brave enough to explore deep feelings with others. 

This is real life, this is evolution and awakening women are willing participants in the power of universal force.

We are uniting in this dance of the unknown, creating magic—this is the life I live for and the energy I want to honor and protect in this life. 

Written from the heart of an evolving man in gratitude for the heart of the evolving woman. 

Chris Jafarieh, is the founder of Blaqk Diamond Group, a GREEN conscious commercial real estate firm focused on developing and financing Sustainable living and work spaces. He is also is the founder of Sacred Earth- a group dedicated to restoring the balance of Earth's precious resources, from the water we drink, to the soil we grow our food in.  Chris has been mentored by some of today's authorities on health and wellness since the ripe age of 10 years old, and he is always searching for the best practices in longevity, both spiritually and physically.   A modern day earth warrior living in the moment.

You can follow his journey at  Facebook | Instagram