with Dawn Beyer

dawnMy little sister Dawn Beyer is a musician, song writer and singer who has been passionately pursuing her music since we were kids. She recently tried out for Americas Got Talent, I can’t tell you what the verdict was, but you should definitely watch this season and find out :) This month Dawn is celebrating two years sober! To conquer any major addiction is the most wonderful gift we can give ourselves and we are all really happy for her. In celebration, she has decided to go out into the woods and camp for 30days. She wants to get away from the world and be alone with herself. She wants to write music, refresh her spirit, and be clear on the message she’s meant to bring to the world. My sister is certainly not your average nature girl, and she sure as hell isn’t a girl scout- she didn’t even know how to put up a tent until her first day camping. The fact that she’s just going for it, and learning as she goes is so flippin’ (–>being a good girl, and keeping the language PG since she’ll want to share INSPIRING!! I have a feeling this adventure of hers is going to be both entertaining and inspiring.

This is what she said when I asked her why she was doing this.

Why are you doing this: I have had to live with a roommate since I moved out of the house at 18. I want to conquer the fear of being really alone, and to get away from all other energy and people. I need to reconnect with nature to get closer to the source. The source that fills me up and reminds me that this world doesn’t hold. I want to reconnect with a love, a love that nothing can compare to, a love between the soul and its creator.  Nothing here is enough for me. Being alone with just me and God, that’s all I know to do to maybe get back the real reasons I’m here. To be forced to make it work and be happy in the simplest of times. To cut out all the extra noise and voices because Lord knows the ones in my head are already enough. Ha! The noise and busyness of life can make it easy to ignore the core things that need to be looked at, but we don’t feel like dealing with.

me and dawn sunset“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every day, and you can choose to be there for it you can put yourself in the way of beauty.” ~Wild

What are you going to do out there in the woods? Over the next 30days, I’m gonna write down my darkest doubts and regrets, and the fears and truths that I try not to bring to surface. I want to embrace my dark side- the one we all have, but often try to hide from. I want to dive deeper into where I stand with things without any opinions or input. I want to ask for forgiveness, give forgiveness, and accept the things I can’t go back and change. I will keep writing and then at the end of this journey, I will burn that book and end that conversation between my heart and God. I want to get alone and find true love and happiness out here in the middle of nature and the realist of beauties. I need to chase sunsets, slow down time, eat to live, and let the woods be my music. It’s time to settle my soul and sift through my thoughts. I want to be..just be.

dawn beyer music

“Whatever your song, sing it” ~Dawn Beyer

Do you think your time in nature will affect your music?  During this time I will only listen to positive music when in my car commuting to the next place. When I’m not singing somewhere I will just be silent and listen for my next new song. I have a voice to share to bring to the ears, and it is my responsibility to know my message clearly. I’m on a mission to fill my heart with all good things I want pouring out of it. When I write, I am a heart on tap. While I’m out and disconnected from society, I will let the songs come to me that are meant for my time. I want more -to receive, and to be filled with so much love that I can give it out show after show. No matter how many people sit in the seats, I wanna pour out life, love, hope, and smiles to them. I want to go out there on stage a vessel refreshed and taken care of so that I can shine a light where others cannot see.

dawn beyer 333  “I wanna go somewhere far away somewhere nobody knows my name . Get lost somewhere I can find some mountain air and my peace of mind ” ~Dawn Beyer

Dawn’s Blog


You can follow Dawn’s journey on instagram at @DAWNBEYERMUSIC #inTENTSadventures. I can’t go into the woods right now, but I can pitch a tent in my yard. If you feel inspired to join us use the hashtag #inTENTSadventures so we can read about your adventures.

I will be posting her video blogs on my barefoot five YouTube channel, and Dawn will be posting her new songs on her YouTube channel.


With love,

Brooke & Dawn


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Sickness doesn’t scare me anymore

The return of the home apothecary

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. ” — Hippocrates

Anyone who has kids has probably experienced the fear related to having a sick child and wanting to do everything within your power to make them well as quickly as possible. When my second child got sick for the first time, we rushed her to the doctor because we wanted them to make her suffering stop as soon as possible. So, antibiotics it was!  Her little body struggled with the antibiotics, she had a severe allergic reaction to one, stomach upset from another, dry patches, and so on. She got three ear infections that year. Antibiotics all three times. Her system was so beat up that if we got within 100 feet of another sick kid, she was sure to get whatever they had. Poor little thing was sick all the ever-loving time. It wasn’t till they set the appointment to put tubes in her ears that I decided to see if there was any other options. I found a natural doctor, and he suggested that the next time she got an ear infection to try olive oil and garlic. Sure enough, 30 days later I had my chance. I took her to see our regular doctor, and he scolded me for canceling her surgery and told me that she did in fact have a double ear infection. He wrote her a prescription, and gave me the fear talk about how she could lose her hearing if I didn’t get tubes put in ASAP. I actually brought her that time just to make sure she didn’t have a busted ear drum. You don’t want to put liquid in a busted ear drum, and at the time I didn’t know how to check for myself. Sadly, you can’t tell your doctors what you’re planning on doing. Eventually we need to get to the point where Doctors are allowed to help and empower caregivers, but that’s another topic for another day. I went home after that visit and got to work. I put olive oil and fresh garlic in her ears every few hours (yes, even in the middle of the night), garlic on her feet and lots of massages and love. I was scared shitless that I was going to hurt her, and that it would be my fault if she suffered any hearing loss. Three days later, I called and made an appointment to have her ears checked. Our doctor said: “Looking much better, but make sure you finish the full 10 day course of antibiotics” (ha!) At the end of the days days of home remedies, I went back and had them look again. THEY WERE CLEAR!! I cried all the way home. All those rounds of antibiotics and I could have done it myself with stuff I use to cook with. I wanted to scream! I was mad, angry and determined to learn more.

 little beauty“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” –Thomas Edison

As soon as her ears were clear, I had her tested for food allergies. She has not had an ear infection in almost 7 years.  None of the doctors we saw ever suggested that it could be something she was eating or an allergy to dairy. Why?

We have since naturally conquered many illnesses, infections and ailments in our home. I am always learning, and I don’t always get it right, but the point is that I try. I do everything I can at home before I take them to a Doctor. I am a great example of someone who knew absolutely nothing about natural medicine, and now only 6 years later I can confidently treat almost any common ailment at home. Doctors are great back up for our kitchen remedies. They are there to help when we can’t figure it out. They’re there for those times when the fever won’t break and you’re at a loss for what the cause is. Doctors are a great blessing, and grateful to have them there should we ever need a limb sewn back on, stitches, broken bones set, or any other major repair. Our culture has almost completely handed over our ability to doctor ourselves to physicians, and I personally think this is a huge mistake.

It’s time for the rebirth of kitchen remedies.

I don’t have a license to practice medicine, but I will go up against any doctor any day in treating everyday ailments.

apothecaryOur culture wants to feel good quick, and we don’t really think about the long term cost involved.

Sickness can be a gift. With it comes an opportunity to grow, strengthen our immune system, learn more about our bodies, and empower ourselves. When we put forth the effort to learn and treat our children, and ourselves at home, we are given a chance to detox, purge, and make our bodies stronger. When you treat a child with antibiotics, it takes their system months possible years to recover. When you treat a child with onion, garlic, liquid silver, cayenne, lemon balm, ginger root, essential oils, coconut oil, rest, green juice, home made soups, poultices, and teas they come out on the other side of sickness STRONGER!!

Sickness is an opportunity for growth.

Don’t run from it, run with it, and learn from it!

~Brooke Hampton 

We share lots of our daily remedies on Barefoot Five instagram account if you’d like to follow along. You can also search the hashtag #barefootremedies and you will find us.

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Beauty is ours to define

beauty“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” ― Steve Maraboli

I received a really interesting email today. Somewhere in the middle of the mentioned email, the man who is a stranger to me wrote:

“If you got a boob job, you would LITERALLY be the perfect woman!!!”

 I wanted to address his use of the word literally, but instead I decided to respond to his unsolicited opinion on the size of my breasts (My soft, perky boobies that don’t need a bra, and which I happen to really like).

This was my response:

I worked this body hard with my dad as a kid to help feed my family. I’ve cared for and loved many people with this these hands, this heart, this body. I’ve carried, delivered, and fed three amazing human beings with this body. I’ve danced, and kissed the earth with these bare calloused feet. I’ve cut and scrapped myself climbing trees and playing in the mud with my kids. I’ve scarred myself trying to create a sustainable farm for my babies to grow up on. I have wrinkles in my forehead from endlessly reading into the night under limited highway lighting during my years living on the road as a kid. My body has gone without and has not been pampered, but it is strong and I am grateful for that. My eyelids droop a little from many sleepless nights up with sick babies, friends, dying loved ones, and animals who were injured. This body has been pushed passed it’s limits trying to keep up with my mind that has spun for days on end without sleep because it couldn’t rest until I had absorbed everything it could on a new topic. This body has traveled and made many amazing memories in it’s short time here. My skin has spent many long, sweaty afternoons under this hot Texas sun in order care for the earth and give love to my plants and animals. I have wrinkles, scars and beautiful imperfections because I’ve laughed, cried, traveled, worked and loved hard in this body. I’m proud of the memories I’ve made in this shell, and I’m not fond of the idea of allowing any part of this body to be cut, and altered in order to fit into someone else’s idea of what beauty looks like. I am “perfect” just the way I am.

With love,

Brooke’s Soul

Funny thing is, I wasn’t the slightest bit offended because I fucking love my body. It did set me to thinking though. It made me think about our cultures perception of beauty and perfection.

I am sad for the son, that this is the message he will struggle to reject.  I’m sad for my girls that this is the mindset they will have to stand against.

Listen! I believe we are innately better than this!

Let’s take back the image of beauty that’s been taken from us. Media and the beauty industry have successfully twisted, distorted, and altered the image of beauty at our expense, and then sold it back to us.

Beauty is ours to define!

Take back your right to define what beauty looks like for you.


 ~Brooke Hampton

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Love’s Handmaiden

I am 33 and I feel like I am only just beginning to see and understand what unconditional love is really capable of.

I watched too many Disney movies as a kid and read a few too many Jane Austen novels and I think it really fucked up my idea of what love is “supposed” to look like.

I’ve been thinking, writing and talking about love a lot lately and I’ve decided that I am called to be Love’s handmaiden

I now work directly for the Love itself.

loves handmaidenI am here on this planet to love whoever I am assigned to with everything I have.

Someone recently asked me what I believe in. The answer came so quick and rang to true as it left my lips,

“I believe in love” 

I believe that love is our only real magic.

I believe the ability to give and receive unconditional LOVE is our greatest gift.

I used to feel so much guilt around loving multiple people because I had been taught that our hearts are only given away once to our one true love. That story no longer resonates with me.

I want to give my love freely- free of bullshit, agendas, contracts, conditions and fear. Truly allowing myself to love who Love commands me to love.

Some of you might be reading this and saying to yourself: “Is she saying we should walk away from all our commitments and join a hippie commune so we can make-love to anyone we feel like, whenever we feel like it”

As good as that actually sounds to me, No. That’s not at all what I’m saying. It’s strange to me that when you give someone a long heartfelt hug or hold a friends hand people are so quick to assume that you want to have sex with them. In this sex crazed culture we’re living in, it could benefit us all to exercise other (even more powerful) forms of showing and sharing our love with each other.

Sex is good medicine, but it’s not always the right medicine.

Our hearts have more love to give than we give them credit for. Our hearts are vast and beautiful and filled to the brim with endless supplies of healing love magic. They just need a little freedom so they can do the work set out for them.

Our hearts need freedom to love.

My heart needs freedom to love in all the many forms gifted to us. Freedom to reach out and grab a friends hand or hug a stranger without my motives being questioned. Freedom to love organically as if I’d never been told how or where or when I was “supposed” to love.

I am searching out the the courage to break down the walls around my heart and love the way my instincts are telling me to love.

My Love Mantra: I am Love’s handmaiden. I work directly for Love itself. I am called to love however my heart commands me to love. Love flows through me freely and in many different forms. I am the daughter, the mother, the sister, the friend, the lover of love. I came here to give my love freely and without condition.

I am Love.

With freedom and unconditional love,

Love’s Handmaiden


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Kitchen Beauty

Kitchen Beauty tricks

I traveled with a friend recently and she said to me:

“Did everything in your bath/beauty bag come from your kitchen?”

I hadn’t ever thought about it before, but yes, almost everything I use to care for my body can be found in the kitchen or garden.

Here’s a list of everything you’d find in my bath bag and what they are used for. I don’t know if I’m qualified to share beauty secrets, but you might find some of these tricks useful.

kitchen beauty 2Raw organic cacao butter love lotion with Shea Butter for Sunscreen: my mama makes the most amazing raw, organic (edible) lotion that smells and tastes like chocolate and feels like heaven. It’s the only lotion I use- face, body etc.

Baking soda: mouth and bath

Lime: I don’t really need deodorant as long as I’m eating well. Sometimes in the middle of the hot Texas summers if I’m going to be outside working all day I use lime as deodorant. It works really well for me.

Coconut oil:  good for all kinds of things- oil pulling, eye care, ears, yoni…its a must have for the bath bag
Thieves oil teeth: throat, dreads, cleaning my tooth brush and for my cedar necklace
Frankincense: one my favorite smells in the world -it’s my “perfume” Something about frankincense helps me reconnect to myself. It has a special hold on me.

Gold Lip Gloss: I have one gold lip balm from Living Libations that I love. It’s the only make-up I own :) Nadine from Libations has created beautiful line of natural body care. Her product have the purest ingredients and are made with the best energy EVER!! Random note: The Yoni Serum from Living libations is divine.

Activated charcoal: teeth whitener

Nail clippers: my nails are strong, healthy and grow quickly in a naturally lovely shape, but I keep them trim because I spend so much time in the garden and making remedies that having long nails is a giant pain in the ass for me

Tweezers: I love Frida, but would prefer not to sport her eyebrows ;)

Razor: I totally respect my wild Goddess friends who enjoy going au naturel, but I enjoy the feeling of smooth soft legs- I actually don’t sleep well when my legs haven’t been shaved..ha ha! I’m weird
Aloe: wonderful for your skin! Also great treatment for dreads. I buy tubes of pure aloe when I’m going out of town, but otherwise I use my own homegrown aloe.

Raw honey: I use honey to scrub my face and body. It’s good for a number of different things.

Spring water: Whenever I am blessed with an opportunity to be near living water (hard to come by where I am) I take advantage of it. Dance in it. Swim in it. Drink it. Soak in it.

raw beauty ddSunlight, Moonlight and Sex: My anti-Wrinkle treatment. Sunlight especially the first and last 5 minutes of the day, dancing under the light of the full moon and good sex calm my mind, body and spirit therefore preventing premature wrinkles.

Recommended amount of said anti-wrinkle cream: As much and as often as possible!!!

Everything else I use can be found in my gardens. Rosemary, lavender, chamomile, nettles  to make tea for my dreads.  Rose and other lovely herbs for Yoni steams, comfrey for wound care and other magical herb friends for bathing in.

That’s it. Pretty Simple really. #kitchenbeauty

 We’ve been fed a load of bullshit in the beauty department if you ask me. I tossed our cultures programmed idea of what beauty should look like years ago. I tossed it because personally I think that aging gracefully with the help of nature and raw-authentic-natural beauty are the sexiest damn things ever.

Kitchen beauty baby! Bringing it back!

~Brooke Hampton

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The Amazement of the Gods

What is love?

What does true, authentic love look like to you? 

 Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, has a description of love, and to the right of that description is a painting of Romeo and Juliet.

shakespeareArchetypal lovers Romeo and Juliet portrayed by Frank Dicksee

Archetypal lovers Romeo and Juliet portrayed by Frank Dicksee

A twisted mix of obsession, lust and tragedy. Is that was love is supposed to look like?

This has me thinking about love and how it relates to me and my children. I went back and read the thoughts of some of my favorite Greek philosophers. Their thoughts on love resonate with me.

Socrates believed that true love was our access to the divine.

Plato spoke of love being the wonder of the Gods.

That doesn’t match up with what’s being told of love and just like with anything else in my life, this thought has forced me to ask myself this question:

What is love and what do I want to use it for?

I believe that true, authentic love inspires mind and soul and directs our attention to our divinity.

I believe that true, authentic love inspires mind and soul and directs our attention to our divinity.

Love should NOT be our distraction, but our inspiration.

The image of love has been distorted over the ages and fucked over in the most epic ways by romance novels, movies, media stories, Hollywood, plays, Disney, etc. All made and delivered with the intention of stirring human emotion, not to tell the true story of love, but to sell their story.

My children are being brought up in the age of Taylor Swift love songs. That should say it all. I can’t shield them completely and I wouldn’t want to even if I could. But we can talk openly about the messages we are getting from media, romance novels, etc. Hopefully this open dialog will discourage them from buying into the popular notion that it’s acceptable to spend their precious youth searching for a Romeo and Juliet kind of love and their old age trying to hold onto it. I want to help them connect with what they are capable of. Are they capable of great romance, of course. Passion, hell yes (they are my children after all ;). But I want them to really grasp how incredibly powerful their love is and all the different ways it can be used.

Love is our power. Love is what will change the course of the future and what will bring real and lasting peace. Love can inspire and drive us forward. Love gives us courage. Love is our magic and it should be used and given wisely.

Love has many impostures who have been portrayed brilliantly and convincingly throughout history.

love everything

I am here to love, not just one man or woman, but to love all that exists. To be a vessel of authentic love in its purest form.

I am here to love and be loved. To use my love to change and be changed. I did not come here to get wrapped up in a Disney fantasy or spend my life hunting my Romeo. ✨

I want to retell the story of authentic love.

A love full of beauty, purity, magic and courage.

I want to make and create love that can once again be the amazement of the Gods.

~Brooke Hampton

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Get Stoned

Crystal healing.

I am new to my relationship building with the healing powers of crystals and stones. I know, not very hippie of me, huh? ha!

crystal goddesssI was searching for ways to protect the kids and myself from the constant influx of EMFs. What are EMFs: I’m not an expert, but from what I gather emfs are electromagnetic fields- invisible lines of force that emanate from electrical and or wireless devices. Anyhow- my intuition tells me that they may not be the best ever for us.

In my recent quest to find ways to  protect my family against EMFs I stumbled across a few articles about how crystals could be helpful. Among the vast healing properties of crystals, all of which were new to me, I found that they were also helpful in protecting us against electromagnetic pollution. By following that rabbit hole I discovered that by putting two quartz crystals together you could potentially create a force field around ourselves that could lesson the damage of the negative energy we are constantly being exposed to. Is this sounding too much like something you’d hear in Star wars? I understand if it’s a little out there for you, but you may just want to give it a try and see if it makes any difference in the energy of your household. It calms me down, but it could be the placebo affect created by my belief that it would. Either way, it’s helping! Some people aren’t as affected by electronics and negative energy, I however am very much affected. Being barefoot on the earth is hands down the best remedy for me, but that isn’t always possible. Besides usually when we are using electronics we are inside not outside. Grounding mats are wonderful too, but we can’t have them with us at all times.

I found wired and stoned and had them make me a necklace. A necklace that they wrapped beautifully. It’s a large quartz crystal wired together with aqua aura -(helps open up and protect the throat chakra. Giving us the ability to speak our truth with courage and compassion) I wear my necklace almost every day and when I don’t have it on it’s hanging next to my bed while I sleep.

stoned ddIsn’t she a beauty?

You could get a beautiful pre-made or custom necklace from – they have a beautiful selection of stones and crystals. But they have recently started a course that can help you learn how to create your own crystal jewelry. If you have several people you’d like to get them for then this might be a fun option for you. We homeschool and I was thinking this would be a neat thing for us to learn together.

Here’s a coupon that can be used for $5 off their class/crystal wrapping club.


get stoned 2Click HERE to find out more about the Wired and Stoned Class. Don’t forget to use coupon code GETSTONED at check out for 5 dollars off.

Crystals have a wonderful grounding effect for our crew and and I’m excited about getting to know them better and learning how to create beautiful jewelry and decor with these precious healing gifts from our Earth Mother.

Would you like to join me?

Let’s get stoned!

~Brooke Hampton

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Eat the forbidden fruit

Have you ever played the card game “bullshit”? It’s also called “cheat” in Britain.

The aim is to get rid of all your cards by playing them to a discard pile. Cards are played face down, giving players the option to lie about the cards they are playing. If the lie is exposed, they must pick up the pile. Any player who suspects that the card(s) discarded by a player do not match the rank called can challenge the play by calling “Cheat!”, or “Bullshit!”.

Recently, my lover’s mother called me “Eve”, accusing me of corrupting her son. I was genuinely curious about the root of her accusation, so I decided to read Genesis and try to understand where she was coming from.

What I found shocked me.

“Of course you will not die,” said the serpent, “for God knows that, as soon as you eat it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God himself, knowing both good and evil.”

And Eve, seeing that the fruit was “desirable for the knowledge it could give,” picked some and ate it and then gave some to her husband, and he ate it too (Gen. 3:4-5).

As her punishment she was then cursed.

“I shall give you great labor in childbearing; with labor you will bear children. You will desire your husband, but he will be your master” (Gen. 3:16).

I’m calling “BULLSHIT” on this story.


Adam and Eve, about 1701-1704

Antonio Molinari
Italian, Venice (1655-1704) 

I have been called Eve. I have been called a Harlot. I have been called a Witch.

It makes me wonder where these labels stem from. We know who the original Eve was, but who was the original Witch? Who was the original Harlot? Do all of these labels stem from stories similar to the story of Adam and Eve?

Throughout history we have brutally murdered thousands of so called Eve’s, Harlots and Witches. I think that if we were able to get an exact count, our hearts would bleed with sorrow. With these beautiful souls died wisdom, beauty, bravery, truth, herbal remedies, natural law, midwifery and love.


Women have been shunned, shamed and hushed for long enough.

This infuriates me and then when that fades I am just sad, sad that we have bought into this story for so long. Sad that we have been lead so far from the truth. Sad that we have accepted these stories that tell women that they are somehow innately evil, sinfully seductive, cursed and worst of all, somehow inferior to the men in their lives.

I am a woman and this is what I say: If brewing home remedies, connecting with nature, loving my plants and working my personal magic makes me a witch then dammit, I’m a witch and I’m proud of it!!
If craving knowledge makes me like Eve, then I will wear that badge with honor.
If being in touch with my wild sexual goddess makes me a harlot, then so be it.
I will follow my instincts and do what my heart commands. I despise labels, but the world seems so keen on giving them. So, give me whatever label you see fit, and I will wear it with pride.

Why do we fear knowledge? Why are we scared of change? What makes us want to slip into the comfort of following the group? Why are women discouraged from leading? Why are we ashamed of our sexuality? Why are we scared of childbirth? Why do we dread our moon cycles? Why are we so afraid to question the status quo?

I am by no means blaming this all on the Bible, but I think it’s time we ask ourselves where these programs and fears are coming from. Movies, stories, media, text books, religion, etc… ask yourself where your belief systems are stemming from. Question it all.

Dig deep! Eat the forbidden fruit of knowledge and open your eyes.

~Brooke Hampton

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juil shoesWhen I’m not barefoot, I’m wearing my Juils (sounds like a Dos Equis commercial..ha!)


 Juil has some really good coupons from time to time.

Click on the link below to find out what discounts are currently available.

Touch the earth and let it touch you

~Barefoot Mama

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Porn and Prozac

What’s keeping you from following your heart?

What’s keeping you from making the changes you feel are necessary for your personal growth and evolution?

What are you afraid of…

Not being accepted? Being judged? Not being loved? Lack of security? Change? The unknown? Damnation maybe?

Being concerned about the people around you is honorable. Realizing that life is all about  more than just you is wise. However, stuffing your passions, hiding from your purpose, and running from your truth will kill you.

This line from Hamlet says it best: “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man [or woman].” 

Doing what is best for you, while being brave enough to be honest about it, is the truest form of love.

Can we all please come out of the fucking closet already.

Generations of people being forced to hide from their truth has led us to an age of self-medication and addiction. We are all surrounded by unhealthy and depressed humans who, if asked, probably couldn’t tell you what they want or who they really are. Do you think it’s because they really don’t know, or because they’ve been told that it’s not safe or acceptable to let that person be seen? We are living in a world where porn and prozac are now considered acceptable treatments for taming our wild nature.

wild me

I think the only solution to this problem is to question EVERYTHING. Look at what you’ve been taught and what you’ve seen and allow yourself to question if any of it is even real. Look at the world you’ve created and ask yourself: “Is this the life I want?” If the answer is not “yes, yes and yes”, then be brave enough to change it!

“The function of imagination is not to make the strange settled, so much as to make the settled strange” ~G.K. Chesterton 


Let us find what is real.

Let us search for the truth on the other side of the stories we have running in our heads. Let us long to experience life as it really is, underneath our belief systems and programming.

You are a wild, feeling, intuitive, brave, connected and sensual human being.

Don’t let fear tame you!

~Barefoot Mama

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