AWAKENING!! What the hell does that even mean?


What does it mean to have your soul awaken?

stepford wifeI’ll never forget the first time I heard someone talking about their personal awakening. I remember rolling my eyes as I pictured this person running naked in the forest, talking to the moon, and I thought to myself..

“there’s no way in hell that will ever be me”

z7 years later..ha!

My soul was asleep and desperately struggling to fit into a mold that was breaking me. I was up late one night (I hardly ever slept well back then because I had really bad night time anxiety) listening to someone on YouTube talk about their awakening because I was desperate for a change. I didn’t even know what that change was, but I knew I needed to find it. Even though I laughed out loud at the message and made fun of that person for a week, the message was haunting me.

z2“A kind of light spread out from her. And everything changed color. And the world opened out. And a day was good to awaken to. And there were no limits to anything. And the people of the world were good and handsome. And I was not afraid any more.”
― John Steinbeck

I feel FREE, ALIVE and full of RAW energy.

How did I get here?

Step 1:  Clear your vision

First, I stopped eating, watching and surrounding myself with people and things that were clouding my vision. By that, I mean – clouding my ability to hear and follow my inner compass. Clouding my ability to see and hear what my next step needed to be. Clouding my ability to believe that I absolutely deserved the best life ever.

I began to eliminate the toxic foods and relationships in my life.  I was listening to David Wolfe on YouTube late one night when I was feeling particularly sorry for myself, and he said something that really helped me not get overwhelmed. He said: “Just keep adding the good. One thing at a time and the bad will begin to eliminate itself.” Man, that’s the truth! I started small with just 3 things – clean spring water, juicing & brewing Chaga tea for the family. We did those things consistently as we continued to educate ourselves. There are so many amazing resources out there now. I started with YouTube because there was an abundance of great information available for free.

Some of my favorites online resources come from:
David Wolfe, Nadine Artemis, Nick Good, Bruce Lipton and Michael Mackintosh

books sssBooks worth reading:

“Walden” by Henry David Thoreau, The Anastasia Series by V. Megre (I recommend the original version which can be found on the ringing cedars of Russia website) and last but certainly not least “Amazing Grace” by David Wolfe and Nick Good

Your body and soul begin refusing the things that no longer serve you well.

Step 2: Get Grounded! Go outside! 

Someone gave our oldest daughter a Comfrey plant. I tried to explain that I didn’t know what Comfrey was and I knew nothing about caring for plants so it was certainly going to die an awful death at our house. He replied: “That plant is calling your name. She wants to go with you. Just listen to her, she’ll tell you what she needs.” Oh, and did she ever! Comfrey in all her glory has brought healing to our families in more ways than I can count. If you are interesting in learning more about building a relationship with your plants and discovering their healing properties, look up Doug Simons, Susan Weed and the one and only Juliette de Bairacli Levy (amazing woman).

I remember thinking he was completely off his rocker..ha ha! Sneaky and wonderful man that he was, he knew I would have to put that plant outside because it wouldn’t survive, and I guess he could tell enough about me from our short meeting to know that I wouldn’t let it die.

I went outside, put my hands in the dirt for the first time and I never looked back. The world comes alive for me out there. I feel connected to myself, to all of you and to source. Source for me is the creative energy from which I came. The energy that guides me and sustains me.

There is LIFE for us in the ground that we’ve been so separated from. There is nothing that can calm you quite like putting your bare feet on the early morning dew or watching a beautiful sunrise.

Step 3: Connect with your instincts! 

Erase it all and start from scratch!

Find a still, quiet place, close your eyes and ask yourself these questions:

If I had never been conditioned with how I should react to this life, if I had never seen someone love, parent, or communicate.. how would I do those things?  If I was the very first human on earth, raising the very first children and loving for the first time- what would that look like?

Find it! Find those answers somewhere deep within you, because they are there. Find them and then be brave enough to follow them as best as this world will allow. And when there are rules set it place that keep you from following that guide…help change them!

not real

Be brave enough to let your soul create the colors it was meant to create.

Coming out of your slumber, waking up, if you will, into a life that is right for your soul is going to be as unique and beautiful as the unique and beautiful soul that is awakening.

I love you and I wish you all the light, love and beauty this world has to offer.

Barefoot Mama

 “Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back. From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing that will never again let you linger in the lowlands of complacency and partial fulfillment. The eternal makes you urgent. You are loath to let compromise or the threat of danger hold you back from striving toward the summit of fulfillment.”
― John O’Donohue

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don’t marry your soul mate

I realize that this is probably not going to be my most popular post. I will probably end up having to turn off the comments, but it’s what I feel needs to be said, so here you go.

I’m not a big fan of marriage.

I think marriage takes really talented light workers, healers, prophets, creative beings, dreamers that are capable of creating real change and puts them inside this widely accepted marriage institution, where they will then spend most of their time, emotions, magic & valuable energy trying to be “good” citizens and live up to the impossible “perfect marriage/ perfect family” illusion that has been so successfully placed in our heads. Marriage also has the potential to produce a lethal feeling that we now have ownership of another soul because they said “I do”, gave us a ring and signed a contract saying they would not leave us (do you ever stop to look at how crazy it all is).

One of the greatest deceptions we can fall victim to is the lie that we should need someone else in our life in order to be complete. We are set up waiting for Mr. or Mrs. right to come along so that we can begin our life and be truly happy.

I’ve been with the same man for 15 years and we still really, really like each other. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that we each stand alone, beautiful, creating light, both working toward helping each other reach our individual goals. We are so incredibly different, but neither of us is fighting to change the other. We have grown to respect and appreciate each other as we are. We don’t need one another. We enjoy each other, but we don’t need each other…there’s a big difference. The most unromantic line in the world is “you complete me”- literally makes me want to scream when I hear it at weddings. I want to complete myself.

Spin solo until you are in perfect harmony with source and are able to create magic alone. Then you can, if you chose, attract someone who can spin along side you. The result is two beautiful souls who are spinning separately, but in perfect harmony…that’s where magic happens!

 family unit

What about children?

I don’t believe we were all meant to have children and the pressure created by our culture to have a family is RIDICULOUS!! That being said, once the decision to have children is made or made for you, then yes, it’s beneficial for their sake to find a mate willing to help you give them the best life possible. That doesn’t mean you both live in the same house, but you are committed to working together peacefully to make sure the children are given the support they need to grow into healthy, confident and emotionally stable members of society.

If you do get married, because that’s what you want…WONDERFUL!! Just make sure to keep your expectations realistic and be open and honest about how you’re feeling. It’s unhealthy for anyone to be in a long term relationship where they feel trapped and miserable. It’s also why we have so much trauma related to relationships in our life that didn’t last..mother/father, first love, etc.. because we had this fairy tale image of what love looks like and when it turned out different we were crushed.

Don’t marry your soul mate

Billy is a good friend (the best really), he’s the man that thinks I’m wonderful, amazing and incredibly gorgeous. He’s all in and ready to help and support me and this unit in anyway he can. He’s the most incredible father and teammate. We are perfect for each other in so many ways. We bring out the best in each other almost always. We don’t need or cling to each other and are able to stand alone even though we’d prefer to stand together. This relationship is easy and gets shit done. Billy is sweet, patient…downright wonderful and I love him, but he’s not my soul mate in some kind of mystical, ancient bond, finish your sentences kind of way. We are together in a perfectly unique union that has a purpose completely unique to itself.

barefoot five love 4

What is a soul mate? Is there such a thing? Each of us will answer these questions differently depending on your belief system. I personally believe soul mates are people we’ve been connected to since the beginning of time. People that weave in and out of this massive interconnected web that is a collection of our many lives. Souls matched perfectly with ours to help us grow. Our soul mate or mates aren’t always meant to be our lovers. I think this is really important for all of us to understand. As a culture we seem to struggle with understanding deep relationships that aren’t sexual or unions that aren’t romantic, but have a greater purpose. Any deep connection sensed between two people is meant to become romantic, right? No. There are all kinds of connections in this wild life. I believe soul mates exist and they will show up in each life when you need them. They come to push you, challenge you, mirror your shit, wake you up and push you forward. Honestly, you’re probably better off not marrying that person, because then you’ll get caught up in creating the ideal marriage (WHATEVER THE HELL THAT EVEN IS) and forget why your souls were put together from the beginning. You’ll all too easily forget that your job is to help each other evolve as quickly as possible not torture each other into this bizarre role we’ve created that a husband and wife ought to play. Because who knows what that looks like for each of us. Lord knows we’ve all experienced interesting versions of those characters.

It’s this idea that one person is supposed to meet all of our needs that sets us up for heartache and disappointment. Instead, why don’t we look first at what it is we would like our relationship with another human to create or accomplish. Then believe that the universe will send us a perfect match for that goal. If you just want to have great sex and travel around the world then you will call forth a completely different soul than if you want to raise a family. If you aren’t sure, just trust me on this one. Knowing exactly what we want is the first step to being able to create the most magical union ever.

Listen, I’m not an expert, and I certainly haven’t figured it all out. I do know one thing for certain though, and that is the reality that what we are doing is working. How many happy couples do you know? Okay. How many do you know that have been together longer than a few years and have kids?  Not just comfortable, but truly happy. It makes you wonder if we have it all wrong. We are all searching for that crazy, wild, intense love of our life to match up with and stay with that person at all costs till death do us part. Maybe, just maybe, we should be looking for something completely and totally different.

Let’s rewrite the norm.

Let’s hack parenting, love, partnerships, friendships, connections, soul mate unions, LIFE, and marriage as we know it and create what works, what feels right to our soul without being afraid of upsetting the norm. Because in case no one has told you, normal is WAY overrated.

Barefoot Mama

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Stay Grounded

Go barefoot

If life was perfect there would never be any need for shoes :) I LOVE being barefoot and so do our kiddos! We often arrive at places and realize that one or more of us have forgotten to bring shoes.ha ha! We are barefoot so much of the time that you forget that some places require that you have shoes on.

I feel free, my body feels stronger, I am healthier and I feel more connected to myself and the earth when I am barefoot.

Have you ever heard of earthing or grounding? Might be something worth looking into if you haven’t ever heard of it before.

Check out for more info about earthing!

rw 6I have been struggling with what shoes to wear when shoes are required.

I like the grounded soft star soft sole mocs, but they get really slippery when wet. Also- for me there are situations where I am in need of a shoe that is a little bit dressier than the moccasins. Soft stars are wonderful for the babies!

I was recently introduced to Juil. I was a little nervous to spend the money and try them out because they didn’t look cozy and I refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes.

Well, my first pair arrived and I LOVE them!

They are cute, super cozy, and grounded!!!


Touch the earth and let it touch you

~Barefoot Mama

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Spirit Tree

A beautiful goodbye

Mimi, we planted a willow for you, just like you asked. We cried and laughed as we told stories of how you loved us and the color you brought to life. Our hearts smiled as the children ran around your tree and we gave thanks for the legacy you leave behind. We sang your favorite songs and we danced just the way you would have wanted us to.

We all love you and we miss you terribly, but I think you know that. We pray that the next phase of your journey greets you will love and magic

mimi 1 - Copymimi 2 - Copymimi 5 - Copymimi 10 - Copymimi 12 - Copymimi 28Talking to Mimi’s spirit tree

mimi 27mimi 20 - Copymimi 23mimi 24mimi 26mimi 25mimi 15 - Copymimi 8 - Copymimi 11 - Copymimi 3 - Copymimi 6 - Copymimi 7 - Copymimi 16 - Copymimi 19 - Copymimi 40mimi 31mimi 30mimi 37mimi 38mimi 35mimi 36mimi 41mimi 45

My Mimi was a truly magnificent woman. A woman who showered life with magic and who passed on into the next life with the same beauty in which she lived her amazing life.

I am honored to have her blood flowing in my veins.

Barefoot mama

Healthy children will not fear life if their elders have integrity enough not to fear death.

Erik Erikson 

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we don’t want to kill the animals

A message from the Barefoot Superheros

Our kids decided amongst themselves that they wanted to make this video and they asked me to help them.

Such a beautiful message! ‪#‎proudmama

Things are changing around here. Our kids are becoming much more involved in our internet connections and community.
They have stuff to say and we want to empower them.

Giving these wild babies a voice!!

~Barefoot Five

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After the Rain

After the Rain

It’s been a while since I’ve posted photos of our farm.

Here’s a few photos of our little farm right after a recent summer thunderstorm.

after the rain ssBarefoot Five Farm

after the rain roosterKing Chaga letting Queen Reishi know the coast in clear

after the rain 106Burdock and his sweet mama

They were in such a playful mood after the storm had passed.

after the rain 107Nature is so magical!

after the rain 115 The after storm temp drop was such a relief to them

after the rain 129wet ground + bare feet= epic grounding

after the rain 135“Duke”

love this guy!

after the rainCrookshanks #magicalcat

after the rain 120must feel so good

“Jane Austen and her Mr. Darcy”

after the rain 140

“Reishi” Such a beauty she is!!

after the rain 143this little farm girl isn’t so little anymore :) #growingup

after the rain bridgetteBridgette Jones was loving her time outside in the mud.

after the rain 137“oh man, I don’t want to go back inside”

I love this little farm and all the creatures that live here with us. Some of my most magical memories in this life have happened on this 11 acres. #feelingblessed

~Barefoot Mama

Note: you can follow us on instagram for daily updates from this wild bunch :)

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Chaga Elixir Time

Making a Chaga, Raw Cacao elixir at home. I forgot to put oils in it, but you’ll get the idea and then you can make your elixir however you want. Oh, and I think I said to watch out for Clay in the almond milk and it’s actually chalk you’re looking out for..ha ha! If you don’t want to use almond milk the sun warrior protein and a little coconut butter creates that same milky consistency.

Barefoot Mama

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somebody’s voice

Somebody’s Voice by Dawn Beyer This is Dawn’s new song “somebody’s voice” it was written for people around the world who are suffering and in need of someone to step up and be their voice. This song has a beautiful … Continue reading

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a beautiful dream

“I had a dream that we were laying next to each other.

You held my hand and I could feel your inner joy.

My hand felt warm from your light.

We talked, we slept, we woke and talked some more and then we didn’t talk at all.

It felt peaceful and refreshed being near you.

You wanted nothing from me and I wanted nothing from you.

Our friendship was authentic and pure.

We were just in the same space sharing our energy with one another.

We loved each other free of attraction or lust.

We loved liked we were created to love-free of fear, free of judgment, unselfish and without pride.

I had never seen a friendship like ours.

In those moments with you while I was sound asleep I made a wish.

I wished for the world to be full of friendships like ours.

It was a beautiful dream.”

~Barefoot Mama


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warriors of the rainbow

rainbow warriorWarriors of the Rainbow

There was an old lady, from the “Cree” tribe, named “Eyes of Fire”, who prophesied that one day, because of the white mans’ or Yo-ne-gis’ greed, there would come a time, when the fish would die in the streams, the birds would fall from the air, the waters would be blackened, and the trees would no longer be, mankind as we would know it would all but cease to exist.

There would come a time when the “keepers of the legend, stories, culture rituals, and myths, and all the Ancient Tribal Customs” would be needed to restore us to health. They would be mankinds’ key to survival, they were the “Warriors of the Rainbow”. There would come a day of awakening when all the peoples of all the tribes would form a New World of Justice, Peace, Freedom and recognition of the Great Spirit.

The “Warriors of the Rainbow” would spread these messages and teach all peoples of the Earth or “Elohi”. They would teach them how to live the “Way of the Great Spirit”. They would tell them of how the world today has turned away from the Great Spirit and that is why our Earth is “Sick”.

The “Warriors of the Rainbow” would show the peoples that this “Ancient Being” (the Great Spirit), is full of love and understanding, and teach them how to make the “Earth or Elohi” beautiful again. These Warriors would give the people principles or rules to follow to make their path right with the world. These principles would be those of the Ancient Tribes. The Warriors of the Rainbow would teach the people of the ancient practices of Unity, Love and Understanding. They would teach of Harmony among people in all four comers of the Earth.

Like the Ancient Tribes, they would teach the peoples how to pray to the Great Spirit with love that flows like the beautiful mountain stream, and flows along the path to the ocean of life. Once again, they would be able to feel joy in solitude and in councils. They would be free of petty jealousies and love all mankind as their brothers, regardless of color, race or religion. They would feel happiness enter their hearts, and become as one with the entire human race. Their hearts would be pure and radiate warmth, understanding and respect for all mankind, Nature, and the Great Spirit. They would once again fill their minds, hearts, souls, and deeds with the purest of thoughts. They would seek the beauty of the Master of Life – the Great Spirit! They would find strength and beauty in prayer and the solitudes of life.

Their children would once again be able to run free and enjoy the treasures of Nature and Mother Earth. Free from the fears of toxins and destruction, wrought by the Yo-ne-gi and his practices of greed. The rivers would again run clear, the forests be abundant and beautiful, the animals and birds would be replenished. The powers of the plants and animals would again be respected and conservation of all that is beautiful would become a way of life.

The poor, sick and needy would be cared for by their brothers and sisters of the Earth. These practices would again become a part of their daily lives.

The leaders of the people would be chosen in the old way – not by their political party, or who could speak the loudest, boast the most, or by name calling or mud slinging, but by those whose actions spoke the loudest. Those who demonstrated their love, wisdom, and courage and those who showed that they could and did work for the good of all, would be chosen as the leaders or Chiefs. They would be chosen by their “quality” and not the amount of money they had obtained. Like the thoughtful and devoted “Ancient Chiefs”, they would understand the people with love, and see that their young were educated with the love and wisdom of their surroundings. They would show them that miracles can be accomplished to heal this world of its ills, and restore it to health and beauty.

The tasks of these “Warriors of the Rainbow” are many and great. There will be terrifying mountains of ignorance to conquer and they shall find prejudice and hatred. They must be dedicated, unwavering in their strength, and strong of heart. They will find willing hearts and minds that will follow them on this road of returning “Mother Earth” to beauty and plenty – once more.

The day will come, it is not far away. The day that we shall see how we owe our very existence to the people of all tribes that have maintained their culture and heritage. Those that have kept the rituals, stories, legends, and myths alive. It will be with this knowledge, the knowledge that they have preserved, that we shall once again return to “harmony” with Nature, Mother Earth, and mankind. It will be with this knowledge that we shall find our “Key to our Survival”.

This is the story of the “Warriors of the Rainbow” and this is my reason for protecting the culture, heritage, and knowledge of my ancestors. I know that the day “Eyes of Fire” spoke of – will come! I want my children and grandchildren to be prepared to accept this task.The task of being one of the……..”Warriors of the Rainbow”.

                              This version comes from Lelanie Anderson, off her web site. 

The tears were streaming down my face as I read this. This just about sums up my reasons for wanting to open The Rainbow Spirit Academy. My heart is to help R.S.A become a place where children can come and gather the tools they need to excel in this world while discovering the strength within them to change it.

14It’s time to bring back what we already know. To begin listening again. To tune into the cycles of the moon and the rhythms of our earth. To build community and move away from self in the realization that we are all connected and that we need each other in order to survive. It’s time to restore what our greed has stolen. It’s time!

Rise up little Rainbow Warriors, rise up!

~Barefoot mama


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