Photography by Lacy Miller

There is a lot to going on here on this little piece of earth. We have been on a mission to simplify our life for a few years now and are beginning to see the benefits of that decision. Also, we would LOVE to create a sustainable farm here, because we can and feel we should.

Growing our food & building healthy organic soil, teaching our children, connecting with the earth, taking care of and loving the animals we have coexisting with us, learning how to do things for ourselves, being our own doctor (when that’s an option), spending time in prayer and meditation, getting to know each other, learning as much about nature as possible, helping the people around us and sending love and good energy to EVERYONE!!

Those are a few things that we cherish & some of the things that fill up our days!

Thank you for being here and for being part of our magic making. 

Love,  The Barefoot Five