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Middle Earth Wooden Cup

These wooden cups are eco friendly and handmade of 100% natural hardwood. They include a leather lanyard & carabiner and can hold 8oz of your favourite drink!

Gift Sets + Ornaments

Calm the fuck down Gift Set

This giftset contains our Wooden Notebook, our Juniper Smudge stick & Cedar necklace and a Juniper Candle. Wrapped in a reusable eco friendly canvas bag.

Barefoot Love Bus Ornament

These 4" x 4" lovely Barefoot Love Bus Ornament are handmade from White Oak. 

Tea time Gift Set

This giftset contains our Wayfarer Travel Mug, a 3 oz bag of our Wild Heart Tea blend and a Stay Lost Bumper Sticker. Wrapped in a reusable eco friendly burlap bag.

Clothing + Textiles


Dessert Alchemy

Dessert Alchemy, the perfect partner for Elixir Alchemy!

Elixir Alchemy

Elixir Alchemy, a must have for Elixir alchemists!

Manifest with the Moon

Manifest with the Moon is an eGuide for manifesting your dream life.

Daughters Of The Moon eBook

May this book bring honor to our earth mother and return that which is sacred.

Activate Your Inner Warrior eBook

The adventure of how we discovered health, wellness, beauty and our ability to connect with our magic

Signed Copy of Enchanted Cedar

The telling of the wild adventures of three Chaga drinking elves and a fire spinning mouse.

Color Cure Coloring Book for Children

A playful way for children (and adults) to learn about what certain colours in our food stand for.

Home + Living 


Health + Herbs

Bonnie and Clyde steals