Music & The Moon Rib Tank Top

Music and the Moon printed on a tank with water based ink.

Daughters Of The Moon eBook

May this book bring honor to our earth mother and return that which is sacred.

Wayfarer Travelers Mug

Enjoy your chaga from our original "Follow your North Star" enamel mug.

Barefoot Five Notecard Set

Because handwritten letters contain magic! Set of three notecards.

Up-cycled Wood Book Marks

These cute bookmarks are handmade on up-cycled wood. 

Walk Barefoot Wooden Notebooks

Writing is how I manifest, how I shift through my busy mind and it's the voice of my heart.

Juniper Necklace + Smudgestick

Juniper creates an environment that is safe and more sacred.

Music & The Moon T-shirt

Music and the Moon printed on a super soft black unisex t-shirt with water based ink.

Defend the Sacred Tote Bags

Reusable "Defend the Sacred" grocery bags printed with water based ink.

Magic in the Making Handmade Cup

Drink you cacao drink from our original 'Magic in the Making' ceramic Cup. 

Walk Barefoot, Drink the Moon Tee

Walk Barefoot. Drink the Moon. Make Love. Do Magic on a boxy tee.

100% Arriba Organic Raw Cacao Powder

Cacao can improve heart health, stress levels, and inflammation, to list just a few physical advantages.

Wild Chaga Mushroom Chunks

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is a medicinal mushroom and classified as a tonic herb.

Warming Blend of Chai Spices

A delicious warming blend of Chai spices, add to your Chaga Tea to create Chaga Chai.

Barefoot Bliss Superfood Blend

Blend your mix with some delicious Chaga tea and coconut oil, add in some raw honey and enjoy.

Go Smudge Yourself Flowy Tank

Our signature quote printed on a super soft flow tank with water based ink.

Made Under The Moon Onesies

"Made under the Moon" onesies printed with water based ink.

Moon Crystal Window Hanging

Our reclaimed, repurposed, 100 year old wood moons will add magic to your space. 

Go Smudge Yourself T-shirt

Our signature quote printed on a super soft black unisex t-shirt with water based ink.

The Moon made me do it Decal

It is a fact that the moon cycles around the earth. Everything on our planet is based on the lunar cycle. 

Breathe in all the Love Decal

Breathe in all the love with this awesome decal, available in the colors black & white.

Dream & Sleep Pillow

This beautiful blend will encourage peaceful sleeping and positive dreaming.

Signed Copy of Enchanted Cedar

The telling of the wild adventures of three Chaga drinking elves and a fire spinning mouse.

Manifest with the Moon

Manifest with the Moon is an eGuide for manifesting your dream life,
by working with the energy of the moon.

Elixir Alchemy

Elixir Alchemy, a must have for Elixir alchemists!
This ebook contains 10 delicious magical drinks. 

Dessert Alchemy

Dessert Alchemy, the perfect partner for Elixir Alchemy!
This ebook contains 15 mouthwatering dessert recipes.

Color Cure Coloring Book for Children

A playful way for children (and adults) to learn about what certain colours in our food stand for.

Tri-Vortex Water Restructuring Device

Place your liquid on this disk for 5 minutes before drinking and taste the difference yourself.

Inspirational Quote Book

Our inspirational quote-book is a beautiful collection of our daily memes.