We're so isolated.

Everything we do, we do alone.

Most of us don't have a tribe. Why? 

I don't know the answer to that, but I know it's real for many of us. In the past, I lived near neighbors I had never even met, passed the same people in the grocery store or park for years and never stopped to introduce myself. It's weird to talk to strangers, right?

Actually, no. 

Besides a few acquaintances we met at organized activity centers, I didn't really know anyone in my town. I had three kids under the age of 5 and I was alone the majority of the time.  

One day, I saw this image of a bunch of women in circle singing with their kids running around at their feet, and I began to cry. I wanted that! I realized, in that moment, how much friendships meant to me and I decided to start being proactive in building and expanding my tribe.

Life is busy and I now know that if I don't make time, in the midst of the crazy, to build new friendships, it wouldn't happen. What could more important than human connection?

Not much.

So, I stopped playing the victim and decided to open myself up and allow new people to come into my life. 

I have this mantra I say: 

I am a magnet for beautiful souls. 
I choose to manifest a tribe full of magical beings that will love and support me. 
I am part of an epic tribe! 
I love and I am loved. 

My life is so different now, I talk to people at farmers market or in town, and when I feel that urge to connect, I find the courage to do so. I don't wait for people to come to me, I go to them. I don't just bitch about not having a place to connect, I plan the events. It gets easier, you know. You'd be surprised at how excited people are to connect once you build the bridge.

I started carrying little cards around with my name and info so that when I feel drawn to someone, I can introduce myself and give them a way to contact me.

Sounds uncomfortable, right? It is, I suppose. But it's also worth it.

Everyone that I've felt called to reach out to, has proven to be an amazing connection. Building community feels natural once you get started. It's good to have friends and fellow sisters to connect with. It's a special kind of support that I believe we all need. 

Trust your intuition. Energy doesn't lie. If your souls feels drawn to someone, there's a reason. Step out of your bubble and connect. 

Get out there and find your tribe. 

-Brooke Hampton