Go direct.

Everywhere I look I see people struggling to figure out how to bridge over from the current institution of egotism and isolation to one of true freedom- a place of harmony that has people working together as one with nature and each other. Civilization as a whole does care..they have just been forced to harden their hearts in order to survive.

More and more people are seeing the game but then they find themselves still being played as pawns (myself included) due to a need to feed and care for their families in a system that...well, we all know how deeply rooted the corruption is so there’s no need to go back over that. Besides, I’m tired of talking about how fucked we are- it’s not fair to any of us.

We need real action...no, not random spiritual fads that will make us look and sound cool, but real steps they can take to start building this bridge back to remembering where we belong. 

What are those steps? I can’t tell you. Only you can answer that. And anyone who says they can tell you is full of shit. Stop seeking the answers outside of yourself- that’s how we got in this mess. Go direct!!! Connect, tap into your intuition, stop ignoring your instincts, figure out where you are, let go of what you've known, make space for the sacred...and then be still and listen!!!

Feel your way through. No more talking, it’s time to start building. 

- Brooke Hampton