The world seems hell bent on bombarding us with negativity. If we allow it to, it will suck us dry and leave us with little to no energy or time to see all of the goodness being created around us. No doubt, there’s certainly a lot of crazy shit happening in the world. But there's an equal amount of magic and beauty being created, as well. 

Seeing the good in life is a choice. A conscious choice that we need to make now more than ever before. 

The vast amount of evil currently being showcased on this planet will, over time, begin to cloud your vision and darken your spirit. 

Look at the darkness! Don't hide from it. Be aware so that you can continue to hold space for the upgrade needed. Open that door and feel it all, but don't stay there and let it consume you! 

You have to guard your mind and protect your heart because when our minds get busy and our sprits get heavy and in fear, it's hard to see clearly. 

Take control of the messages your soul is being fed. Stop letting the world force feed you a diet full of hate, confusion and lies. 

Whenever I catch myself feeling weighed down with all of the negativity I go out and do a little light hunting to balance the scales. Sometimes that means unplugging completely from the internet and most humans for a few days. Because what I've found is that: In my quiet time, I am quickly reminded of how holy and truly magical life here really is.

Do you want to know what's real and what's fake? 

Are you struggling to see clearly? 

Go sit out in the woods somewhere and listen. Ignore your mind and listen to your heart. Connect and just listen. You'll feel it. It's there! Let your answers come from within you. All else is madness. 

Seek out the beauty and the magic in the midst of the crazy and hold onto that. If the world is looking dark, maybe it's time to go light hunting! 

Don't buy into the story that there's no hope here and that the planet is full of evil people who don't give a fuck. 

I'm calling bullshit on all of the dark messages being continually thrown at us by people who profit from our fear. 

Warning: When you won't wallow in negativity the world will point fingers and say that you have your head in the clouds and you need to face reality. They'll say you're naive for believing in the love and magic here. Well, let people think whatever the hell they want. 

There is magic everywhere! And there are still beautiful souls here- wild warriors full of magic who are out there focusing their attention on the good and busting their asses to make this world a better place for future generations. I’m with them! 

Let's go light hunting! 

-Brooke Hampton