Wild Water

I get asked so often how I stay looking and feeling so young. I don’t know that I really look that young (it’s more of an energy thing with me, I think) but either way, this was my answer:

I pay really close attention to the water I drink and bathe in because I wholeheartedly believe it’s more important than most of us realize,

I play outside...a lot, I put my bare feet on the ground as often as possible (my body needs it),

I eat magical foods...medicinal mushrooms, organic non-gmo fruits and veggies and lots of wizard worthy herbs and superfoods (also, no granulated sugar, or flour EVER, ever, ever. I’m ridiculously strict about this..it’s what works for me),

I make time to connect with God (source energy..mother earth..whatever works for you...you know what I mean),

I get upside down every chance I get, I make a point to stay close to my community of friends and family (I know humans are annoying, but we need them..we need each other, we need community!),

I baby my adrenals because lord knows they need it in this crazy world,

I bring nature inside my home...clean with essential oils, put plants around to filter the air and surround myself with things that make me feel connected to the natural world,

I do some form of detox every damn day...if you’re wondering why, you’re clearly not living on the same planet as me lol,

I’m overly protective of my mind and spirit...energy vampires via Asshole humans, shitty music or bogus media are simply not given space in my life,

FAST...intermittent fasting is the best kept secret in the world,

I take note of what makes me feel alive and try to do more of that,

I write goals like a motherfucker and constantly search for new areas of my life that require an upgrade (I am wild water...being stagnant is deadly for me),

I laugh a lot, dance a lot and have a lot of sex (I highly recommend all three).

That’s all I can think of right now. ✌🏼

-Brooke Hampton