As I gain the courage to be my authentic self, the world seems to gain the courage to try and stop me. The more aggressive I become in following my intuition, the more aggressive the world becomes in their pursuit to dampen my fire.

Because a voice speaking truth, an inner fire burning up fear, a mind free to create, and a soul awakened are a threat to this system that thrives on our silence. 

I am daily met with controversial people who seem hell bent on misunderstanding me. Energy vampires who thrive on drama meet me at every corner. And I have come to the conclusion that: Everyone in the world doesn’t need to agree with me or think I’m wonderful (even though the Leo in me tries to argue otherwise). It’s okay for people to dislike me, disagree with my views or judge my actions. If someone isn’t ready to hear what I’m saying, then I’m only hurting myself by arguing with them.

Avoid energy vampires! 

Some people just want to argue. They are stuck in their belief systems and nothing you say will change that. They are there at the other end of everything you say, do, post to tell you why they think you’re nuts.

If you find yourself deep in a conversation where you’re not being understood, and you feel like the life is being sucked from you. STOP!! Love yourself enough to walk away.

I often think about this quote by Thomas Paine,

“To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”

Those words helped me avoid a great deal of drama.

Let people scream their truth at you; let them get angry and act crazy if that’s what they need to do.

Just breathe and keep moving.

Trust that the unconditional love, truth & authenticity in which you’re living your life will plant a seed in them that will spout when they are ready.

If your life is making people question themselves, then you’re doing something right.

Keep going. 

Often times my life makes people act out for no reason other than their scared to face the possibility that maybe they really have been pawns of corrupt systems, made-up religions, and corporations who benefit greatly from us sleep walking through this life.


Take a deep breath.

Smudge yourself and keep moving.

~Brooke Hampton