My Wild Woman commandments are:

Be a sovereign being. Stop waiting around for someone to save you. Take care of you. 

Practice listening to your intuition so that you can learn to trust it. 

Stop looking for 'The One' and work on becoming 'The One' - you are not a half. 

Learn to walk alone and don't be afraid to like it. 

Grow your own. Teach your young, grow your food, treat your ill, deliver your babies...take back your power. 

Move in your magic and stop apologizing for your authenticity. 

Life is your work of art, make it beautiful. 

Remember that sexy is an attitude, not a size and beauty is YOURS to define. 

Move with the rhythms of the moon. Dance under her light, howl at her power...let her guide you. 

Stand up for yourself. Love yourself so fiercely that when others see you they know exactly how it's done. 

Support your sisters- lend your hearts, hands, and love to the rising of true Sisterhood. 

Live while you are alive. Don't leave this planet with a list of 'what ifs' - go! Try something new. Yep, you might fuck up. It's okay. Be brave. 

Don't take yourself too seriously. Laugh more. 

Stop being silent about the things that matter. Speak! 

Breathe and keep moving. You are stronger and more powerful than you've been allowed to believe. You've got this. 

Fall in love with your life. Let magic, creativity & passion run unchecked in you. 

Love wild, wild woman. 
Don't let them tame you. 

Brooke Hampton,
Wild Woman Wolf Pack Den Mother