Are you brave enough to love a wild woman? 

She is chaotic and all over the place. 

She is ruled by a unruly sort of love that answers to no one and cannot be owned or understood. Her energy is strong and stubborn. 

She feels it all. 

She is a mess. 

When her actions are intuitively driven they will likely make no sense to you or anyone else. 

You won't be able to label her because she's not like anyone else you've ever known. 

She will not put on a mask and hide her darkness from you. She wants you to see all that she is because the best of her is reserved for those who can love the worst of her. 

She is the untamed heart with bare feet, messy hair and moonlight in her eyes. 

She's a little bit of witch and a lot of wild. 

She is woman! 

You'll never find another love like this, but it takes a brave man to love a woman like her. 

If you have the courage, come to her...

Her hands will work to heal you. 

Her magic will work to protect and defend you. Her heart will work to give you power. 

Her body will work to break you open and fill you with inspiration and strength. 

Her soul will challenge you and work to weave you into the best version of yourself. 

Rise up, wild man. 

Let her in. 

-Brooke Hampton