Well, I've come to the conclusion that true love cannot find its way into our lives until we have first mastered the art of loving ourselves. With that notion in mind, I've gone into a mode to help my tribe find excuses to practice self love. Well, what better time to practice loving ourselves than the day dedicated to love, right? So, we took what I've always felt was a shitty holiday and make it magical. 

This is how we upgraded our Valentine's Day. 

On the eve of Valentine's Day we all make lists of things we'd like to do for ourselves. This is also a fun way for all of us to learn what makes each other feel loved. 

For instance, this year Alayna has decided to try out a new soup recipe that she's been wanting to make. Niyah would like to get some fancy shampoo for herself that she wouldn't normally set aside funds for. RW asked us to help him find enough snow (we're in Colorado) to make his first snowman. I'm going to play around with some new detox bath recipes and Billy doesn't know what he wants to do yet, but it will likely be something super fun. 

We took a holiday that didn't work for us and turned it into a day we all look forward to. Now, instead of spending this day hoping all of our unrealistic expectations get met, we can focus on spoiling ourselves and helping our loved ones do the same. 

Here's the thing, we've got to stop doing things just because we've always done them. Don't get so busy that you never take time to recreate what isn't working for you anymore. If it doesn't feel right, it's probably because it's not right for you. Listen to yourself and allow yourself space to go against the flow and toss what no longer serves you. 

This is your story and you have permission to edit it however you see fit. Choose to stop letting social pressure dictate how your story will be told. Create something new and exciting, something maybe no one else has ever tried. 

This is your story to write. 

Write well and edit often. 

With love & longevity, 

Brooke Hampton