You have laughed at the mother,

shamed the lover,

and judged the wild woman.

You have called the healer a witch and openly turned from our earth mothers ancient remedies and the gifts she holds.

You have shunned The Priestess and ignored her wisdom. 

You have taunted and teased the empath and named her weak for her compassion and her gentle, caring spirit she carries into this dark world.  

You have called the intuition and the voice of the Goddess coming through you crazy so that you can turn your face from the truth.

You have shamed, shunned, taunted, discarded, laughed at, accused, caged and turned your face from the very thing that could save you. 



Remember who you are! 

Move in your power.

Allow yourself the freedom to feel, love, move, sing, chant, heal, and BE without fear or shame.

 Let the wild woman in you rise and do her work!

It's time! 


~Brooke Hampton