Sometimes I wish I could go back and have tea with the younger version of myself. I would make a cup of tea and tell her who I’d like her to be for me. 

I would say, 

Oh wild one, 

You see things clearer than you give yourself credit for. If you see a need, get off your ass and fill it! You are who you’re sitting around waiting for. 

Do what you said you’d do and then going beyond and do even more than that. 

Take responsibility when you fuck up and fix it. 

Don’t lie...even though you’re good at it. It’s not worth it. Choose truth. 

Give more than you take...every damn time. 

No, you’re not crazy! Ask the questions. Go down the rabbit holes. Go!!!! 

Take off the dark filter the world has given you, you’re too young to be so cynical. There’s still beauty in the world, look for it. Seeing the dark side of the moon doesn’t make you smart, it makes you a predictable. 

Be someone who can see things through. Be consistent even when it’s not easy for you- no, it won’t kill your fire lol Just get it done. 

Don’t waste time. Do things that are going to make this world a better place. You’re going to have these wild babies someday and you’re going to love them and it’s gonna scare the shit out of you that you’ve brought them into this world. Start now. Fight to make this world better for them. 

You have the ability to create out of nothing. It’s a gift! Trust your creative ability. Don’t turn away from it the way I did because you’ll eventually go back and you’ll wish you hadn’t spent so much time hiding from your magic. 

You’re a leader, even though you won’t admit it for years to come. You’re leading all the time, even when you’re not meaning to. Suck it up and walk in your calling. 

Loyal friends & true love are worth fighting for. Don’t push them away. They don’t come around as often as you think they do. They are treasures and you happened to find both very young in life. Honor and nurture them! 

Find the courage to be the truest version of yourself instead of pretending to be something you’re not - every second you spend pretending is a second you’ll wish you had back someday. Trust me, I know. 

Trust your intuition. Always!

-Brooke Hampton