Get naked.

It’s been an intense week.

To top it off, it’s an absolutely beautiful day outside and I’d been inside all day- not my favorite. The combo was making me grumpy. So, I decided to drop everything and take my naked ass outside- plan: enjoy some sunshine and a book.

Well, I kept thinking someone was coming up the driveway and it would make me nervous. So, I’m outside by myself with an opportunity to really relax and I can’t because I’m worried someone will drive up. But I fucking need this right now so I stopped and asked myself, “well, what’s the worst thing that could happen right now?” the postman could drive up and see you naked.

And then I asked myself if I could live with that. The answer is: yes!

The funny thing is: I know I’m okay with that. Fear and worry have a mind of their own and they will carry you away, if you don’t consciously put them in check. So, I took a deep breath, picked up my book and let myself relax. But it has me wondering how many other things are creating unnecessary worry in my life. What else am I letting steal my peace. I’m wildly aware of my surrounding and how my actions are affecting the people around me; It’s a gift and also a curse.

I think, I need to ask myself these questions more often: what’s the worst that can happen? Can you live with that? What’s your intention? Are you hurting anyone? If you’re not hurting anyone then chill the fuck out. Offending? Maybe. Making someone uncomfortable? Probably. But hurting, no. 

If you’re intentions are pure and you’re not hurting anyone, then just enjoy it. 

Yea, I want to be aware of how I’m making others feel. But I’d like to let it stop there. Basically, I want to care about how my actions make people feel, but not enough to keep me from getting naked when I want to. 

-Brooke Hampton