Are you an addict? 

Are you an addict? 

I am. 

It’s so hard to get free, isn’t it? 

That shit isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a certain kind of courage to cut yourself loose. 

And damn it feels good when you finally get away. You know what I hate- I hate when you talk yourself into going back because you forgot how hard it was to get out of that cage. Ugh, that brutal feeling when the addiction sinks its claws in and you remember...

you remember just a moment too late. 

And then the struggle of deciding when to start climbing back out again...cause you know it’s going to hurt like hell and you just aren’t quite ready. It’s like skydiving, that moment right before you muster the courage to jump. 

Listen, if you’ve already climbed that bitch of a mountain, and you’re thinking about going back. Fucking don’t. 

Remember how hard it was to get where you are. Don’t forget! 

You’re free right now...stay where you are. 

Hold on. Stay clear. 

I’ll meet you there. 

-Brooke Hampton