My kids can have anything they want.

So, we’ve talked about the family budget. But what about the big stuff...a new bike, a go cart- the fun things that go far beyond the regular budget. 

When you have multiple children things get forgotten. That’s why kids nag. They are trying to make sure we don’t forget how badly they want that new bat or that trampoline. Which is awesome! They should go after what they want. But life is expensive and things cost money. I don’t want to tell my kids their goals are unrealistic. Fuck that! They can have anything they want, I really believe that. Kids have crazy manifestation powers...I’ve seen them create things I thought were impossible...over and over and over again! They amaze me. Who am I to limit them. 

Not just for the kids, 

but for us too. 

So, instead of telling them we can’t make that happen right now or we can’t afford that, we decided to start a ‘manifest it wall’. We use a wall in the laundry room. We write down the big things we are wanting, that way we can all believe with each other for those things to happen. And it’s not just stuff. For instance: I want to go to Iceland and Alayna wants to master her standing tuck in tumbling. We cover a lot of ground on that wall. 

Then, when we manifest things on that list, we comeback and write down the date that it happened. 

It’s been such an amazing tool! Maybe it’s the writing it down or the collective prayer that happens when our energy goes toward creating something for someone. Who knows! 

But we’ve all decided that: 

our ‘manifest it wall’ is magic!!! 

It works! 

-Brooke Hampton, 
‘holy flow parenting’...the book I don’t want to write