But I love working.

I just passed this book at the bookstore and it made me cringe. I walked around for a bit before I realized why. The thought of not working all the time made me sad. Hah! 

15 years ago, back when I fucking hated every single moment I spent at work, I might have even bought this book. Today, that title made my soul hurt.

I realized something powerful tonight: I love working!!! Wow! What a gift. I wrote it and spoke it until it became a reality. It didn’t happen over night but it DID happen!! 

My work: I write, I create art, I spend time creating magic with my sisters...my friends...my wild babies, I build bridges & community, I sell crystals, word porn & essential oils, I make roller blends, I host badass retreats, and I sit around thinking about new and creative ways to use the word fuck. 😂 I mean...

My work feels like play and I’m feeling super grateful that this became my reality.

-Brooke Hampton