Fuck that.

I’ve spent my whole struggling with jeans. My ass and thighs just don’t like being stuffed in regular jeans. Period. I’ve lived through one too many days stuffed in jeans that made me wish my body was different than it is.

I’m so over it.

Today, I was feeling yucky in a pair of jeans and I almost said the forbidden F word out loud. The words, “I feel so ____” were on their way off my tongue and something broke. I literally took my brand new jeans off mid sentence and put them in the goodwill bag. I stuffed them in the bag while saying, “that’s what you get for making me feel bad about my body.”

My kids were hysterically laughing. Seriously though, I don’t have time for that shit. Fuck things that make us feel like we aren’t absolutely glorious just as we are.

Warning: if you make me feel bad about my body, you’re getting sent to goodwill lol

-Brooke Hampton