Don’t you dare look at me and say,
“well, if I had her life, I’d be happy too”
oh, fuck off.

I have ample reasons to be sad, depressed, and pissed off.
Actually, if I sat and thought about it, I have more reasons than most, but I don’t have time for that shit- I’m busy! I’m busy surrounding myself with magical people, beautiful places, meaningful work, and epic adventures that fill my soul with excuses to wake up in love with life.

I make my happy!

Listen, I’m sorry fucked up things happen. But it just is. Take the growth and the strength it’s given you and let that pain transform you from victim to heroine, woman to warrior. You can wallow in your pain and tell yourself that all the happy people just got dealt a better hand than you, but you’re fooling yourself. We’ve all got our battles to fight. That’s part of being human. No-one escapes that.

It’s on you, wild woman.

Drown in the bullshit life dealt you or own your power and your magic and get up off your ass and create your happy. Your choice.

-Brooke Hampton