Motherfuckers in penthouses

A woman about my age knocked on my car window tonight and asked for some money for food. She said she was homeless and then went on to tell me a little bit about herself. We ended up talking for a good long time before I had to get back on the road. Such a great conversation! We laughed so hard. Right before she walked away she said, “thank you for being so nice to me” - my heart sunk! Why the fuck would I not be nice to her? I hate that she felt like she needed to say that. 

I’ve been homeless. My family lived on the road and there were several times we survived on the kindness and pity of people financially better off than us. I’ve had people look at me too many times in my life with that ‘I’m better than you look’ because my car or my clothes or my bank account weren’t “enough”. Listen, if you haven’t been there, I don’t wish it on you. If you’ve escaped that card, in this life, I’m happy for you. But careful what stories you tell yourself about how you’re somehow better, or more favored by the Gods, or some shit, and that’s why you’re not where they are.

I’ve seen how life and this jacked up monetary system can turn on someone and I promise you that it’s not reserved for the “bad” people. There’s some beautiful souls living on the street and some dark motherfuckers living in penthouses. Keep your heart open. Everyone deserves your kindness and respect, not just the people dressed like you.

-Brooke Hampton