I broke. 

I broke. 

In that breaking, I was given a choice between silencing my aching soul or stepping into the unknown and recreating my entire world. 

I chose the unknown. I chose life. 

I swam through bullshit for years trying to find my way to something real; there were many moments when I really wondered if what I was looking for even existed. Where was true sisterhood? Where were the people that could love all of me? Where were my intuition and my magic and my creativity? Where was truth? Where were gratitude and inner peace? Where was my power to rise? 

I kept walking forward with the hope that someday I’d find my way past the mist and back to the ancient ways that were calling to the truth in me. 

This past weekend, there was this moment when I looked up (for the first time in 10 years) and I could really see the life and love around me. I was surrounded by unconditional love, joy, creativity, truth, magic, real friends and true sisterhood! It fucking does exist!!! All of it! 

If someone asked me how I got here, I’m not sure I could tell them. But If I had to attempt to make a roadmap for someone, It would look something like this: Follow the rabbit holes that your intuition takes you down. Look deeper. Question your answers! Feel it all. Connect with nature every damn day (every single day!!!). And choose life over fear...again and again and again until you build a bridge to something real. 

I love you!

-Brooke Hampton