They say, "Don't share too much, don't say "I love you", don't get too close or hug too long and don't you dare be too open about how you're feeling. You might push people away." 

We are being asked to be cold and distant in a world where everyone is drowning in controlled online content, fake feelings and egotistical bullshit.

How's that working out for us? 
Yea, not so well. 

The world is so desperately in need of something real and that something starts small. 
It starts in an authentic greeting or a heartfelt love note. It starts with compassion and open hearts that are willing to listen. It starts when we refuse to continue participating in fake conversations and hidden truths. It starts when we are willing and brave enough to let it. 

It's time to open up and connect. 

We need each other. 

-Brooke Hampton #openup