We currently have two groups to choose from. 

Group 1. We settled and when we did some part of us started dying. We gave up. So, we let our Doctors step in and assist us in dying for about 40 plus years. We go down bored out of our minds, soul aching and smelling like moth balls and moldy coffee. 

Group 2. We are terrified of our aging bodies and run from the signs of age like they are the plague. We want our bodies to stay looking 20 forever, damn it! So, we tuck and puff and pinch and inject ourselves until we look like an overstretched, constipated Barbie. We will go down with our resting bitch face and shallow ideals all drenched in Chanel no. 5 & Prozac. 

What else is there? Where are the women that are full of life and are also allowing themselves to age? Women who can climb mountains and have sex when they're 80, but who are also proud of their gray hair and laugh lines. Women who are vibrant and alive and who aren't ashamed of their aging bodies.  Where are the women who are going to be brave enough to show this younger generation that you're allowed to be vibrant and fully alive at 90 and you don't have to look 20 forever in order to be beautiful. 

Brooke Hampton