I have this sweet, safe, comfortable life to hide in, if I wanted to. For what it's worth, I really have tried to be content pretending to believe what is readily accepted as truth. I tried to be good, to be quiet, to be complacent. I tried and it was a ____ing disaster. My soul won't let me off that easy. They say our life ends the moment we stop speaking up about what matters. Oh, but it's so much bigger than that. How can speak up about what matters when we're being force fed bullshit all day and we don't have enough strength or time to question our answers. We think we know, but we don't know shit. If your answers are coming from anywhere but within, it's probably jacked. On that note: Do yourself and don't spend years of time and energy defending a belief system until you're sure you uncovered it direct from source. 

You know, sometimes I wish that I was better at following the crowd. I know it would be easier on me and the people I love. But there are questions in me that need answers - hidden truths that my soul longs to uncover, art my hands came to create, projects only I can birth, and I'd have to medicate myself to silence them. Yea, I don't much like pills and alcohol doesn't suit me; I suppose I'll have to keep moving forward. 

-Brooke Hampton