Knowing you don't like your job, isn't enough. Knowing you're not happy in your relationship, isn't enough. Knowing the life you're living isn't what you really want, isn't enough. You've got to know what you DO want. Don't let the world or your fear tell you what you should or should not want. Sit with your truth and be brave enough to be honest with yourself. No shame. No fear. Just answer truthfully. What's your heart song sound like? What makes you feel alive? What do you want? Beautiful soul, you have to know yourself enough to know what to ask for. The universe can't give you what you don't ask for you and you can't ask for what you don't know you want. Decide! Breathe in, breathe out and decide and then put your magic to work and manifest that shit. Go! 

With love & chocolate, 

Brooke Hampton