What the hell is going on? 

Why is it that people are offended by moms breastfeeding? Why are people offended by just about everything that isn't wrapped up with a fucking warning label? 
Why do we force people to move on when they really need to stop and grieve? 
Why do we look away when someone is sick or in pain? 
Why do we walk away from our elderly and put them out of view? 
Why do we alter our bodies and shame our imperfections? 
Why do we lie about what's really going on? 
Why do we flip shit if a woman shares a photo of her body hair or accidentally shows us her nipple?  
Why do we judge a man when he cries. 
Why do we make ceremony a joke and laugh at the earth's sacred medicine?

Why are we all so angry and so offended all the time? 


Because...we are so engulfed in watered down spirituality, filtered people pretending to be happy, emotions saved for "appropriate" times and nature all safely bottled up and kept at a safe distance. So much so, that when when we hear something true or see something real, it offends us. 

Mae West nailed it, when she said, 
"Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often." 

Maybe it's time we break the bubble "protecting" us and go out and explore of all the real things that we find so offensive. Because maybe in touching those uncomfortable things, we'll find truth buried under all of our personal bullshit and fake truths. 

Let the truth piss you off, let your emotions have space to be, stop trying to run from your place in the natural rhythm of life, allow nature to make you sticky and uncomfortable because all of those things are part of you and they are so desperately trying to get through your walls and set you free. 

Brooke Hampton