Let's talk boobs.

My sisters were here and we somehow got to talking about breast health. It happens lol I was telling Z that I massage Nadine’s (living libations) oil and frankincense on my boobs before bed cause it makes me feel like magic and also, I just intuitively feel like it’s a good move.

Anyhow, Z looked at Brittan and said “she’s so good at self care” - and suddenly I felt the need to defend myself. I just kept coming up with things to say to explain why I take care of myself, as if that was a bad thing. I workout regularly now and do daily meditations. I’m working on eating clean and just overall taking more time for myself. The list goes on and on actually lol I’m not playing around. Cause, well... it’s time. Anyhow, since she left I’ve been wondering why I felt the need to explain or justify my self-care routine. I took damn good care of myself before I had kids.

So, what happened? Mom guilt is fucking real- that’s what happened. I don’t even remember picking up the mom martyr badge. For real, I just looked up one day and I was waving it like some kind of twisted badge of honor, When did I start feeling guilty for taking time for myself? I don’t know but I know this: it’s not an easy badge to take off. Who benefits from the self-sacrificing woman? I don’t know but it’s not me and it’s not my family. I really don’t want my girls to grow up watching me destroy myself and then being bitter cause no-one came to save me.

So, here’s to choosing to take care of ourselves and not apologizing for it. Here’s to showing ourselves and our girls that you can love everyone around you and love yourself too. Brooke Hampton

Wild Water

I get asked so often how I stay looking and feeling so young. I don’t know that I really look that young (it’s more of an energy thing with me, I think) but either way, this was my answer: I pay really close attention to the water I drink and bathe in because I wholeheartedly believe it’s more important than most of us realize,

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stop buying your kids stuff

We were really struggling with feeling like our kids didn’t value their things and that they really had no understanding of the value of things or how they get paid for. I was tired of the grocery store toy aisle battle- it gets old! So, we started giving the kids a budget for their clothes and miscellaneous stuff each month. All of their basic hygiene, nutrition, lessons, sports, schooling, books, and wellness needs are NOT included in that budget. This budget is for clothes and extra stuff they want.

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Don’t waste time. Do things that are going to make this world a better place. You’re going to have these wild babies someday and you’re going to love them and it’s gonna scare the shit out of you that you’ve brought them into this world. Start now. Fight to make this world better for them. 

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I write.

I write to a world I’ll never see, to all the people who will cross my children’s path in their lifetime. I plant trees and herbs for the generations of wild children I won’t meet. I listen..because well, I believe that magic happens when we listen, try to understand and give people freedom to be themselves.

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